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Fly Fishing Home Concept


The ultimate Fly Fishing cabinet 

The concept 

The magic box!

As soon as the cabinet is closed, all your favorite fishing gear will be perfectly organised and well protected. This will allow you winning a lot of time during the preparation of your next fishing trip and give you the possibility to optimise the space at home.


You just have to open the doors to enter into the wonderful world of fly fishing! 

The ultimate Fly Fishing cabinet!

This exclusive cabinet has been designed, developed and optimised after several meetings with our fly fishing friends.  

It should please every Fly Fisher who is looking for nice and practical fly fishing furnitures.


This cabinet gives you the possibility to perfectly store all your gear and it also acts as a very confortable fly tying desk.

Important point: in order to optimise the space and for a maximum flexibility, both doors can be open at 90° or in line with the body.


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